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Professional Countertop Installation Services

IBeautiful counters are an investment. Let a company that knows how to properly install them complete the work for you so it’s done right. Our experienced crews know how to do this type of work right, and we have done granite countertop installation and more for many of the homeowners and businesses in the Fairfax and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. We have been in business since 2009, and we’re extremely proud of the work we do for our clients.

Careful countertop handling

When you’re working with quartz or granite countertops, there is much to consider. These substances are heavy and difficult to place properly. Although they are sturdy materials, they can also crack or break if not handled carefully. The combination of weight and the need for cautious placement means you’ll need a team that knows how to do this type of work right.

Another thing to consider is that these materials can chip on the edges when being installed if the company isn’t experienced with quartz and granite installation work. The last thing you want when you purchase a brand new countertop replacement is a damaged edge. Our installers are careful to make sure everything is protected and treated with care. All granite countertops can have unique, one-of-a- kind veining or other marks, we want to be certain you get the look you want.

Fabrication work

Since Erva Stone & Design is a fabricator as well as an installer, we make sure everything is right before the countertop even gets to your home or business. Our fabrication team double checks measurements and handles each piece with experience, as they cut it into the shape you have requested. Because of this, our installation team knows it will fit the space correctly before they even arrive.

Countertop installation

We work with both residential and commercial building owners. From kitchen countertop installers to those who provide countertop services throughout a large-scale office building, our crews will do an excellent job for you. Our installers will make sure your new countertop is sitting level before final placement, and they will also double-check the orientation of the piece to make sure it lays the ways you’ve requested.

Before we leave, our team will silicone your counter in place to make sure it’s secured to the materials around it properly. After a quick double-check on everything, we’ll leave you to enjoy your new countertop!

Please contact us today to learn more, or to schedule an installation at your home or business.